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Are You an Extrovert or Introvert?

Please begin the quiz by answering the following question.
In social situations, do you tend to feel energized and motivated or drained and exhausted?

Do you enjoy spending time alone or prefer being around other people?

Do you tend to speak up and share your opinions in group discussions, or do you prefer to listen and observe?

How do you feel about meeting new people?

Do you prefer to have a few close friends or a large group of acquaintances?

Do you feel comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people?

How do you typically recharge after a long day?

Would you rather go to a crowded party or stay home and read a book?

How often do you seek out new experiences or try new things?

Do you feel energized by being around people who are different from you, or do you prefer to be around people who are similar to you?

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